Kapa Energie 1KW Portable System

KAPA Energie 1000

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KAPA energy 1kw 12V – plug and play Solution

The Portable 1kW Solar All in One system is designed for comfort and is perfect to power small loads in different environments. The UPS system can be used at various occasions and is very easy to transport. It uses a modern plug and play technology and no installation is required. Connection to solar panels is possible if required. The unit also comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • Excellent performance because of double CPU intelligent control.
  • Mains mode and battery mode can be set.
  • Controlled by smart fan that is safer and more reliable.
  • Pure sine wave AC output, which is able to adapt to various types of load.
  • LCD display device parameters in real time, showing you the running state.
  • All kinds of automatic protection and alarm of output overload and short circuit.
  • 5VDC-USB output and 12VDC output port are convenient and practical for users.
  • Inverter’s overcharge protection and over-discharge protection for a longer battery life.
  • Additional battery can be added.
  • Technical Specification (Read more)

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