Hubble Riot Inverter and Battery Monitor

Inverter and Battery Monitoring Software

  •  Cloud monitoring of batteries and select inverters
  •  Remote control of Voltronic Axpert Inverters
  •  RS232, CAN bus, 3G, RS485 Modbus communication ports
  •  A.I. – Artificial Intelligence Processor
  •  Integrates with most CAN bus inverters
  • Multiple CAN bus protocols built in for maximum inverter compatibility
  • Smart 1Phase & 3Phase meter ready for Cloud Monitoring
  • Embedded Protocols: Hubble Cloudlink, Victron, SMA, Pylontech
  • Reports Inverter values to the cloud for monitoring
  • Industry grade encrypted communications & cloud reporting
  • Automatic encrypted Over the Air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Easy install – “Plug & Play” power over RS232 for select Voltronic inverters
  •  Engineered, designed & assembled in South Africa
  • Technical Specification (Read more) 

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